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It is becoming more and more evident that American drivers are driving distracted. People are using cell phones driving, text messaging driving, putting on make-up while driving and eating while driving, and these distractions are causing an increase in Indiana car accidents. Recent studies find it is “driver inattention” that causes the majority of Indiana automobile accidents. All of this creates a need for an expereinced Indiana car accident injury lawyer.

As an Indiana personal injury attorney, I've handled a number of cases where the state's mandated liability insurance minimum failed to adequately cover motorcyclists' injuries. In fact, many of the personal injury lawsuits resulting from motorcycle crashes stem from shortfalls in insurance coverage.

If you've ever purchased motorcycle insurance in Cook County or anywhere else in the state of Illinois, you were probably advised by your agent of the minimum amount of liability insurance that the law requires you to carry. When you're on a tight budget, it may seem to make sense to try to save money by only carrying a basic policy on your motorcycle.

Ask any hospital emergency room physician or nurse around Crown Point, Lowell, or any city in Indiana and they'll tell you about the high number of injuries—and even occasional deaths—that result from fireworks accidents.

With gas prices consistently ranging from three and four dollars per gallon, many motorists around Chicago and other parts of Illinois are choosing motorcycles as an affordable means of personal transportation.

As a personal injury attorney in Chicago, I'm often amazed at how restrictive the Illinois Worker's Compensation Commission's benefits guidelines are.

According to the most recent statistics compiled by the Illinois Department of Transportation Cook County alone experienced almost 138,000 crashes in the year 2010. These motor vehicle collisions resulted in 38,887 personal injuries and 236 fatal car crashes...

Motorcycles are great recreational vehicles, a less expensive alternative mode of transportation as a primary vehicle, fuel efficient, and a lot of fun. However, anyone who has ever even looked at a motorcycle can see the danger in driving around on a two-wheeled, open motor vehicle...
The law in the State of Illinois is very easy to remember; riders and passengers are not required to wear helmets. The only requirement Illinois places on riders and passengers is that they must be protected by glasses, goggles, or a transparent shield while riding...
It's a statistical fact that most adults—even adults with families—throughout Illinois and Indiana face the danger of dying intestate (without a will). That's because many individuals have the perception that they will not have to start thinking about their own mortality until retirement age...

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