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Increase in Trucking equals an Increase in Trucking Accidents

Trucking is big business in America and Indiana is the cross roads of America. Semi-trucks are all over Indiana highways. As the trucking industry expands and grows, the semi-trucks and tractor trailers grow larger, drive farther and go faster. There is an increase in semi-trucks on the nation’s freeways and interstate highways and; therefore, more semi-truck accidents. Here in Indiana, the truck traffic is so dense, it can feel like there is hardly room for a car or motorcycle. As a result, Indiana personal injuries and Indiana wrongful deaths as a result of semi-truck driver negligence is always a danger.

We, the Indiana truck accident attorneys at Kelly Law Offices, serve clients who are need of experienced truck lawyers in order to deal with the injuries of an Indiana trucking accident. We help our clients understand the battles they may face and the obstacles the trucking company may try and put in their way. We, the Indiana personal injury lawyers at Kelly Law Offices, are undaunted.

Injured as a Result of a Commercial Trucking Accident in Indiana?

Federal and state regulations are in place to protect motorcycle riders and auto drivers from truck driver negligence and trucking companies, but too often those protections are ignored in order to minimize costs. This disregard of regulations in the pursuit of the bottom line can have tragic results. If you or a loved one has been injured in an Indiana trucking accident, it is vital that you employ an experienced and aggressive Indiana personal injury lawyer immediately as DOT regulations only force trucking companies to maintain evidence for a certain period of time. The Indiana truck accident lawyers at Kelly Law Offices are well-versed in transportation laws that govern truck drivers and truck companies.

Coming up against an interstate trucking company is never easy. The interstate trucking companies have insurance professionals and insurance lawyers working to minimize its losses. The methods employed by the insurance companies are not in the interest of those injured nor the families of those killed by the semi-truck.

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Do not let yourself be fooled by one of the insurance company’s tricks. Hire the dedicated Indiana personal injury lawyers at Kelly Law Offices immediately in order to protect yourself and your family.

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