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Motorcycle Rider Hit By Turning School Bus

When a motorcycle rider was hit by a school bus at an uncontrolled intersection, Kelly Law Offices obtained a record tying settlement of $6 million five days prior to trial when the defendants, fighting both liability and the extent of the injuries claimed, had offered only $3m just three weeks prior.

Professional Baseball Player Suffers Injury From Defective Premises

When a Milwaukee Brewers’ minor league player was injured rehabilitating from “Tommy John” surgery due to a defective condition at the rehabilitation facility, Kelly Law Offices went to trial and obtained a $4.9 million dollar verdict after the defendants offered only $250,000 to settle the case.

Plaintiff Hit In Leg By Construction Vehicle

Kelly Law Offices obtained a record setting settlement for a motorcycle rider for a case of its kind without filing suit.

Motorcycle Rider Hit By Drunk Driver

When a drunk driver injured a motorcycle rider in Lake County, Indiana, Kelly Law Offices went to trial and obtained a verdict for the rider and his wife of $2.6 million for a torn rotator cuff and fractured sternum, despite only $30,000 in medical bills.

Motorcycle Rider Turns Left In Front Of Oncoming Pickup Truck

When the plaintiff was ticketed for failing to yield for turning left in front of an oncoming pick-up truck with the right-of-way, the plaintiff and his passenger were, understandably, turned down by three separate lawyers. Kelly Law Offices took the case and filed suit and the adjuster offered $1,500 “to go away.” Our lawyers obtained $850,000 of the potential $1m in coverage.

Man Hit Head-On By Box Truck

When an elderly gentleman was hit head-on by box truck in a rural Indiana county, Kelly Law Offices was able to secure him a $1,600,000 million settlement when the trucking company initially refused to cover their driver.

DISCLAIMER: Past results are not an express or implied prediction of future success, and should not be construed as such. Past results cannot guarantee future performance. Any result in a single case is not meant to create an expectation, promise, guarantee or prediction of similar results in future cases. Each case has many different factors, including different facts and different applications of law. Results will always differ on a case-by-case basis.

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